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Hani Dinor - Lonely Woman | Duet with Samuel Elbaz's Mandolin

Lyrics - Asher Reich Chen - Hani Dinolin Mandolin - Samuel Elbaz Photo: Shahar Golubati Photographed and recorded at Bardo studios to download "Poet Poets" album songs: ... A lonely woman - she is a bit of a woman and a lot of loneliness - she is making heart movements from the books a little to herself and a lot to others her age of loneliness - no longer even known to herself as she walks down the street - what goes with her except the street and what goes before her besides her perfume of loneliness. Her city is cold and dull - and if she lives here she has a sea that receives her with a ripple and understanding and the waves suddenly reveal her spring - a lonely woman's opportunity for a tired, soundless woman, she doesn't see a woman for herself in the height of her awakening and at night she offers her own bed. Prepares her land for herself and the vibration passes in the spirit and darkness that comes and goes out

שמואל אלבז, shmuel elbaz, Mozart's Mandolin, Residence Conductor, Conservatory, Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Haifa, Israel Chamber Orchestra, Jerusalem Academy of Music, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra , Chamber of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Symphony


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